Jargon Buster: Kitchen

2459 (6)Kitchen

Baking mould — a form used in baking to make cookies, braun bread, cakes and jellies. Oven moulds were typically made of tinned copper or hard fireproof ceramics called stoneware. The moulds interior is usually very decorative, with fruits or animal patterns.

m121599 (2)Butter dish — there are two types of butter dishes, one for the kitchen table and one for serving at the dinner table. Kitchen butter dish is a platter with a domed lid, often prettily decorated, usually in ceramic or glass. Butter dish for the dinner table is used for serving small portions of butter to each guest individually. They are usually very decorative and typically made of ceramic, glass, silver or silver plated metal. Be more refined, avoid serving butter out of it’s wrapper.

m121761 (6)Cheese dish — a platter with a lid for storing and serving cheese. Typically with a large domed lid over one or few cheese varieties. Similar looking to a butter dish but much larger. Traditionally almost always made of ceramic and glass.



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