How to Spot a Fake: Chinese Porcelain Planter

This is a Chinese porcelain planter that is trying to be antique. It’s fairly modern, from the past 20-30 years, but is trying to pass for an 18th century style. The mark gives it away, as it states 1897, but be smart, never rely on the mark, rely on the material, shape and style. The mark is spurious — trying to be European. Porcelain is a super durable material, but the glaze is heavily crazed (has a lot of craquelure), and is darkened as if it accumulated some age long dirt. This is achieved by dipping ceramics in tea. The shape is not 18th century, or 19th century, not even early 20th century. The details and lines in the shape are very crude, and, well, not very detailed. Decoration— underglaze blue and white lotus scroll is a typical Chinese pattern. It is enamelled with some crude floral highlights. On an original old piece this would never be paired with a noble coat of arms. If you had money to have porcelain made for you, you expected good quality, not a quick job that just looks ok.

Tip 1 — to understand reproductions, you have to look at the finest quality pieces, so you have a comparison benchmark.

Tip 2 — If in doubt, ask Wit

planterplanter 2


Written by Lavish Shoestring

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