Why did you launch Lavish Shoestring?

— Why did you launch Lavish Shoestring?
— To put the shopper in control.

Antiques trade in the UK alone is a multi-billion £ industry, and it has been around for centuries. Yet only a tiny portion of the mainstream shoppers buy a beautiful old tea set for daily use, or any other antique homeware for daily use for that matter. It may be in perfect order, exceptionally stylish, very useful, and may well keep its value better than a brand new one. So why not? The main reason is that antique shops, both online and offline, are not designed for the mainstream shopper. They are designed for the adventurous and educated hunter. You need to know what you buy, must know your prices. So by and large this remains a hazy market for the masses.

To us this presented an opportunity. And four years ago we set out to work on Lavish Shoestring with a simple big idea – we wanted to look at any old homeware and know immediately what it is and what its market price should be. This demystifies the antiques market, because instantly we put all the necessary data in the hands of the shopper, consistently, one tea set after another. And it matters not whether the tea set is an opulent 18th century Georgian sterling silver or a 1970s Modernist Portmeirion china. With Lavish Shoestring you understand both as if you’ve been using them for ages.

That’s the reason we launched Lavish Shoestring. That and the love of stylish tea parties, of course.

Garden Tea

Written by Lavish Shoestring

The largest online vintage & antique homeware store. The What Is It™ service — identify vintage items on the go. Free. Fast. Simple.

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