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Vintage vs. Antique Explained

When it comes to old homewares, decorative items and furniture, they are divided into two main groups, vintage and antique. These terms are used generically instead of dates — it’s a simplification of dating. Very often “vintage” and “antique” imply that an item is valuable. Not true, not every old item is valuable.

Difference between Vintage and Antique. Now you’ll know.

Vintage — typically any item between 20 and 99 years of age. We use the term vintage for all products less than 100 years old.

Antique — any item 100 years of age and older, this is a standard industry definition. This applies to the absolute majority of homewares and furniture. For example, antiques (100 years and old) are exempt from customs taxes upon import to many countries. A few small product groups are rated differently, for example, carpets. A 40 year old carpet is semi-antique.

Written by Lavish Shoestring

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