Traditionally, spring is the time for some home makeover, when we refresh and brighten our interiors after a long dull winter. While home redesign is always an exciting event, doing it often and on a large scale is not quite practical or affordable. So what can be done to make the house look new, yet keep the process simple and enjoyable?

There are quite a few ways one can achieve a fresh look at home with only a modest investment of time and money. Some tips are pretty general and apply always, for example, concentrate on one room or pick one particular space in the house, as it is much easier to work on a smaller scale. And the same rule of thumb applies to the changes you create – make small modifications, one at a time. Flower vases are such small décor elements that make a big change. Here are a few floor vase arrangement ideas.

Large white vase

Tall Floor Vase Decoration Ideas

Flower vase is a very versatile decorative element – it comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. And it is pretty flexible and works well with or without flowers. Vase can be a focal point on its own or simply a complementary accent to other interior parts.

Decorative floor vases ideas – what you should look for

Bold blue vase

Bold colours – vases that are attractive on their own. Blue colour is surprisingly versatile and blends well with many interiors.

Green rainbow vase

Tall floor vase filler ideas – pick a large enough vase if you want to display bunches of flowers. It has to be heavy and stable to be safe enough on the floor.

Art Deco yellow vase

Traditional look – pick a classical, conservative design vase with muted colours if you want it to be functional but do not wish to attract too much attention.

Massive smoky glass vase

Modernist look – this is a bold design vase, but it looks surprisingly gorgeous in any interior because of the abstract shape and colours.

Pink glass vase

Floor vase filler ideas – a large glass vase is useful if you want to fill it with a decorative display other than flowers.

Looking instead for small vases? Use a few colourful glass vases to create a pattern:

Small green vaseAmber dimple vase

Dark blue vaseTiny white boot vase

Jasperware small vaseRuby red glass vase

Small changes in the interior design allow you to practice with bolder and more adventurous solutions

Blue iridescent vase