Looking for an unusual gift for someone who has it all? Try our selection of these fancy decanters.

Decanters for Christmas

Christmas is not far away. Traditionally this has been our favourite season. It is a family holiday and we especially wish to lavish happiness and cheer upon those closest to our hearts. We try to choose the right gifts with great care, constantly seeking to surprise and provoke positive emotions.

But can one stay original and practical at the same time? While we want our gifts to incorporate both qualities, often that is quite a difficult choice to make. Soon men and women will be wrecking their brains trying to find that one cool gift. Arguably, choosing a good Christmas present for him is a much more daunting task. That is why we’ve tried to help you by suggesting a few excellent ideas.

The following gift would be a perfect fit for a majority of men, and will be most desired by the true connoisseurs of such drinks as whisky, brandy, bourbon and scotch, as well as wine and liqueurs.

Yes, we are talking about decanters and carafes. Unlike the typical everyday decanters, these selected below are rather unusual, as they reflect the style and masculinity of their owners. One can use it for a favourite drink at home as well as proudly share with their friends at the dinner party. The aesthetic qualities of these masterpieces greatly contribute to the joy of a festive table. After all, it is much more luxurious pouring your favourite drink from a hand crafted antique decanter, rather than from a supermarket bottle. That is why any man would greatly appreciate such a gift.

Decanters can be divided into several types.

The Unusual

Art Deco Unusual Green Decanter

This is a rather hard to find Art Deco decanter in green glass, dating from the 1920s. Suitable for men of high taste and those desiring to stand out and be unique. The owner of such decanter will know that theirs is one of a kind. And while in the old days these were reserved for the upper classes, today everyone can enjoy its beauty.

The Heavy

Antique Heavy Whisky Decanter

Have no doubt, this is a real man’s decanter, for a strong and enduring man with a powerful will. A massive piece of cut crystal glass projecting a reserved primordial force. Extremely tactile and heavy to the touch, with the surface layered like the mane of a wild lion – an unmistakable symbol of beautiful power.

The Not-So-Standard Shape

Acorn Shaped Wine Decanter

An elongated acorn shaped decanter with a spire stopper. Particularly suitable for the creative type of men – the painter, the musician, and the connoisseur of arts. It’s whole shape projects elegance and is ideal for serving red wine. One would argue that wine served in this decanter does taste better.

For the Whisky Connoisseur

Square Cut Glass Whisky Decanter

A massive square shaped decanter with a rich history. As the legend goes, such decanters were favourites of the European monarchs. A gift like this brings with it a bit of aristocratic charm and nobility to the owner’s home. At the first glance this is a rather reserved decanter and does not advertise its opulence. But it is not as simple as it looks. A complex and hypnotizing beautiful design in cut crystal – this is an ideal present for the intellectual man.

The Practical One

Cut Glass Pinecone Decanter

The main advantage of this decanter is its superb craftsmanship. Made of high quality crystal glass with intricately cut details, it boasts a very practical design and is comfortable to use.

This one is an ideal present for the conservative and confident man, who does not seek attention but recognises and likes true value. Simply put, it is destined for the man of his word.

The Centre of Attention

1960s Modernist Knobbly Decanter Webb Corbett

This attractive and very unusual design decanter is an ideal gift for the man of style who is used to being in the centre of attention. In the house its elegant knobbly shape is bound to attract admiring eyes of the guests.

Choose an ideal gift for your man, boyfriend, father or brother – view a wide range of beautiful decanters here.